Are tanning beds bad for you?

tanning bed
tanning bed

If you’ve been tanning in a salon before, you’ve heard the way they sell it. They want you to try “tan accelerators” which can cost about $90 per one. You can get a package of various tans so your “skin stays glowing.” They will also tell you that it is smarter to use a bed than to “bake” on the beach. Smart people get sold on this too. So many Americans—almost 30 million—go tanning indoors. That constitutes a $5 billion a year industry. Something tanning companies work hard to maintain. There are a lot of customers who are willing to damage their skin in this way.

Normally, the beauty industry promotes youth and health. But not when it comes to tanning beds. Tanning beds almost guarantee that their tanners will eventually face serious skin problems, some of them harrowing. Melanoma, a deadly skin cancer, that can spread in your body and kill you, is just one of the potential side effects of these dangerous machines. According to David E. Bank, MD, who is a licensed dermatologist, tanning in beds is more dangerous than tanning outdoors because you’re exposed for a greater amount of time to the long wavelength UVA. This damages the skin more deeply.

tanning bedEmployees who work at the salons are told to say it is “smarter” to tan in a tanning bed than outside, not “safer” because the tanning companies know this isn’t true and don’t want to be held liable for such statements. Dr. Bank explains that those who use tanning beds—especially those who use the new, higher pressure sunlamps can receive up to 12 times the yearly UVA dose compared to that of sun exposure. Those who use the beds are 74% more at risk of developing melanoma than those who don’t tan indoors. This is according to The Skin Cancer Foundation.

“Tanorexia” is now considered a disease in some quarters. This novel term refers to people who keep tanning and never feel tan enough. They are addicted to tanning much in the way people are addicted to drugs or alcohol or not eating, always feeling that they are too big.

All polled students who are addicted to tanning said they knew that skin cancer was a risk, but 98% said that didn’t make them not want to use them to become more tan.

Tanning salons don’t turn away people with deep tans or burnt skin, even though they know burnt skin doesn’t tan. Tanning salon employees work on commission, so the more tans and lotions they sell, the more they are paid. They will try to get customers to buy the most expensive tanning lotions, and most of them, when combined with the beds, making tanning even more dangerous. Check Tanning Lotion Information for more info on tanning products.

Sometimes salons will tell people they should tan in a bed first before they go on a vacation where they will receive a lot of sun exposure, telling them it will help protect them from getting sun burned. But the fact is, this won’t help them at all.

Tanning beds are dangerous. Make sure you know all the facts before you try them.

5 Amazing Facts About Stephan Hawking

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking is a renowned British Theoretical Physicist who was born in the month of January 8th 1942. He is one of the scientists who have made fundamental contributions to the study of the universe, i.e. its origin, structure and space-time relationship. His father was an infamous researcher who specified on tropical medicine and it is said that he manipulated his son to seek a science based career. Stephen Hawking then decided to major in study of mathematics and physics because he found that Biology and Medicine lack exactness.

Stephen Hawking

However, in his early years Hawking was an average student who did not really do much school work but had outstanding grades in physics and mathematics. Below are 5 amazing facts about Stephen Hawking;

  • He is a renowned writer.

His bestselling book,” A brief History of Time” paved way for motivating him to write more books which aid in making his work accessible to a large number of people. The books include, A Briefer History of Time’, The Universe In A Nutshell’ and George’s Secret Key to the Universe’ which is a book written for children and has a main focus on scientific facts.

  • Has worked as the Lucasian Professor of Mathematics since 1979.

Stephen Hawking is a living legend to many science lovers because of his major contributions in quantum Physics. He has been working as the Lucasian Professor of Mathematics since 1979 when he took charge after Sir Isaac Newton. He is known to be an extremely successful and active lecturer.

  • Stephen Hawking has the Highest IQ Ever Recorded. IQ – 160

Similarly, he is undoubtedly the scientist with the highest IQ ever recorded. Stephen Hawking is best known for his discoveries which he revealed in his book A Brief History of Time’ including the Big Bang Theory. In the discoveries he writes in this book ,Stephen makes major contributions in the field of Theoretical Physics and his discoveries have ever since made huge changes in the advanced world today.

  • He has received numerous awards, medals and has 12 degrees.

Stephen Hawking has 12 honorary degrees which made him become a companion of honors in 1989 and also receive the CBE Award in 1982. Hawking has also received the Medal of Freedom which he was awarded back in 2009. Apart from these awards, Hawking is also a member of the royal society and the US academy of sciences.

  • Stephen Hawking made his first major scientific contribution with the theorem of Singularity.

His theory of singularity developed from his work with theoretician Roger Penrose. His combined contribution with that of Penrose and Einstein’s general theory of relativity prove Hawking’s theory which states that the universe has its origin in singularity.

Apart from his scientific achievements, Stephen Hawking also made an appearance in the Television series Star Trek’ that many of his fans will live to remember. Stephen has three children, two sons and one daughter with his first wife Jane Wilde although the couple got divorced in 1991. He also has one grandchild. Stephen still has hope that he will come up with a theory that will help people completely understand the universe and why it exists. As of 2009, Stephen Hawking has been almost completely paralyzed.


Review Of Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3: The Old Tune Sung Anew?

black ops 3

We got used to this: the New Year, new spring, summer, and the new Call of Duty game!

After the first one that had a hauntingly stunning story, the second that starred the brilliant Kevin Spacey as the antagonistic mastermind, comes the new installment to the Call of Duty: Black Ops series; and this time, we go way into the future!

black ops 3

Black Ops 3 has been, prior to the release, lauded as the most ambitious COD yet. And, in some respects, it is. But we can’t shake off the feeling that, while still being a great first-person shooter overall, the new COD doesn’t have all it takes to bring the series to the next level.

The Campaign

The year is 2065, and the rules of the battlefield have changed. Machines now play a far more important role, but the good ol’ soldiers still rule the day. Without spoiling any of the story-line, let’s just say that the game doesn’t shy away from its sci-fi premises; if anything, it embraces them. The Black Ops 3 campaign is far from being brilliant but it still has some jaw-dropping moments worth revisiting. The campaign simply does enough to keep your gun well-oiled for more demanding tasks.

The Multiplayer


Now we come to the juicy part – the multiplayer! It is arguably THE way to enjoy any COD game. Treyarch really worked their socks off to shake things up with the Black Ops 3 multiplayer.

And shake it they did! The game features the new Specialist soldiers who, progressively unlocking as you level up, add a vast amount of versatility to your game. Each Specialist is armed with a signature boost (a weapon and a power) and each of the Specialists, even if controlled by a not-so-skillful player, may turn out to be extremely useful. You may use their powers to achieve some noteworthy tactical brilliance! Another innovation that has a big impact to the gameplay comes with the new thruster backpack. In the multiplayer, everyone’s got one, which significantly overhauls the movement system. Learning the new controls is quite simple, but it does take some time before you reach the pro level.

In multiplayer, Black Ops 3 is the COD game at its best. We just hope you got yourself a powerful gaming router, since that is the easiest way to prioritize your online gaming. Arm yourself with it, and enjoy the new COD to the fullest!

Meet the Zombies

As the recent tradition suggested, the new COD is not without the zombie co-op mode. And it’s the best COD zombie killing fun yet! You’ll be, naturally, shooting down wave after wave of undead walkers. But the real blast begins with you turning into a beast, a true zombie-killing machine. Set in the world of 1940’s style, punishingly difficult, the zombie mode will indubitably test your skills.

The new Call of Duty, though not the best of the series, will keep you busy and shooting for another year. The fans of the franchise that were crying for the game to make some changes, although some changes have been introduced, might still find the novelties lacking. But still, the truth is that there are not many shooters as versatile and as enjoyable as the new Call of Duty.

Here’s a quick Black Ops 3 Game Play Video.

Be Smart, Get Her an Amazing Anniversary Gift!


Whether you are celebrating your first or nth number of anniversary, you can probably excuse yourself from having lost count, but never from giving her an anniversary gift year after year! The 10th anniversary is regarded as the Tin Wedding, the 15th Crystal, the 20th China, 25th Silver, 50th Golden, and 60th as the diamond wedding anniversary. Whatever year you fall under, you don’t really need to have the highest IQ in the world to comprehend that the one and only woman in your life would love to receive an unforgettable gift from you. Your loved one will be super-excited and truly happy to receive a great gift from such a thoughtful man in her life!

anniversary gifts

Do you know why 10 year anniversary gifts are quite popular? Simply because you are well past the 1st year and over everything you’ve managed to survive in between, and still have more valuable years to share together and look forward to the grand celebrations of the next priceless milestones. Putting a little thought into the best give you can give goes a long, long way into making a relationship stronger and better, and keeps it a lot more interesting!

Here are the most amazing presents just for her, and as lovely as she can be:

Exquisite Jewelry

Make her remember your sweetness with something to carry around, close to her body and her heart! Give her stunning earrings, an elegant bracelet, a studded watch, and all other sparkling things what will make her shine through glamorously in any event.

Blast From The Past

This may be the least expensive, but could be the best-gift-ever for her which would make her feel loved more than any other day. More than the day you met, or the day she said yes, which is where you’ll be taking her! Remember how everything was so ordinary and then something wonderful happened? That is, you both met? Reminisce and rekindle the love at the very same bar or restaurant or the beach where you proposed.

Love Letter

For the woman who loves reading, whether it’s a favorite book, novel, magazine, give her a favorite love letter to make her smile. Add in some chocolates or a fabulous bouquet of her favorite flowers. If this sounds too cheesy, simply top off a simple note with a genuine message from your heart on top of your anniversary gift, which could be a new book she is anticipating!

Personalized Item

How else can something be made memorable but with her name, or both your names, or a beautiful message engraved or embedded right on your present. It can be a painting, a blanket, a wall hanging, poster, calendar, diary, jewelry box, and anything you deem worthy to scribble your love for each other!

Encourage Her Passion

Show your love for her by acknowledging the things she loves most. This could pertain to a favorite hobby, a preferred brand of clothing or purse, a perfume collection, and whatever she may want or need to be able to do the things she loves most. Give the nature lover an outdoor gear, the painter a new brush set, the food enthusiast some modern cookware, the photographer a high-quality camera, and whichever is fit for your most loved person’s passion in life.

Gadget for the Tech-Savvy

The perfect gift to show how much you care, by making life easier and more enjoyable for her. The best give is not necessarily the most expensive gift. If you cannot get her the latest smart TV nor that newly-released high-end phone, you can settle for budget items like a small and handy tablet, mp3 player, GPS device, and anything else she will find useful.

Couple’s Sweet Nothings

Couple shirts, coffee mugs, keychains, puzzle pieces, throw pillows, and everything else that are made for two people in love are cute and amazing anniversary gifts! They are not just fun anniversary gifts, but somehow connect you and your wife in a delightful way.

8. A Grand Adventure

Are you tired of your wife telling the same story all over again to your kids, your parents, her parents, and her girlfriends? Then give her something so spectacular and awesome that she can’t wait to tell about, and get in the picture where you are the best husband ever! Treat her to something totally new. Try out surfing, ballroom and other forms of dancing, skydiving, and anything even the simplest of all which you haven’t really tried yet nor considered before!

5 Excellent Reasons to Buy an Adult Tricycle


Trikes are built with the genuine aim towards a child’s brighter future, to be used from a very early age with nothing but the best interest of parents in mind. Children are introduced to the wonderful experience of riding a bicycle early on, but way better on a tricycle! They get on and off easily, learn quickly without the frustration or struggles, ride safely with less risk of falling and getting wounded, and reap the benefits many adults long for later on in life.

How beautiful it all sounds when looking at the goodness a small trike brings to a child! If you come to think of it, it’s really no different from what grown ups can get. As an adult, you can continually savor this delightful part of a child’s life of riding a trike for the sheer enjoyment of it, and gain so much more.


Adult tricycles offer so many things and hold so much promise to the life of any individual, and here are some good reasons to get yourself one:

1. Improved Coordination – Cycling promotes hand-eye coordination when steering, arm-leg coordination when mounting on and off, and coordination between muscle groups when pedaling with ease and seamlessly on an adult trike. Maneuvering a tricycle may be a bit different from a standard bike, but can soon be learned while your whole body functions and benefits from it.

2. Overall FitnessRiding a trike gives you a good workout, better than a stationary machine since you get to relax and enjoy every minute you are outdoors! The more you have fun, the less exercising seems like a tedious task and a burden to incorporate in daily routine. Also, you’re encouraged to go out a lot and get moving to stay active.

3. Superior Comfort – Adult tricycles are designed to provide utmost comfort of anyone who will get on it. A good trike has the ideal height, the right frame size, perfectly placed handlebars, easy to reach pedals, and cushioned seats. This allows you to sit and pedal for hours on end without unnecessary strain and body pains.

4. Safety – A high-quality adult tricycle with a reliable construction of strong, sturdy, heavy duty parts provides unbeatable peace of mind with its stability and security. Moreover, it gives the cyclist confidence when riding and break-free from the fear of falling off or getting injured.

5. Functionality – You can use your trike for a myriad of purposes, from fulfilling daily tasks conveniently, as a means of an eco-friendly transportation, to enjoying recreational activities, exploring new locations, and nurturing your desire for freedom and independence!

An adult tricycle is ideal for everyone – a son or daughter, toddler or teen, a most-appreciated grandparent, busy parents, singles, couples, and anyone who longs for a good trike. It’s suitable for any lifestyle too- the independent woman, the hardworking man, the student, the athlete or avid cyclist, nature lover, commuter, traveler, and almost anything and any personality you can think of. It’s a good investment in terms of health, your money, time and efforts, and for the experience like no other!

Best Water Sports & Activities To Do With The Family


Engaging in water sports can yield the best bonding moments with the whole family, where each member gains the benefits of the physical activity aside from all the fun and excitement it brings!

Here are the 4 best things to do with your family which are known to give the most rewarding water experience:

1. Surfing


Surfing is one widely recognized water sport that everyone- mom, dad, and kids will enjoy. You can even bring your dog along so the family won’t miss Fido! Hop on your surfboards and have a hilarious time while gaining the various mental and physical health advantages, aside from a stronger body over vigorous water movements. With the numerous options you have for beaches, you can pick the spot depending on your skills and wherever is home to the waves you wish to catch and enjoy the ride. Hit the best spot, hit the most beautiful beach, hit the coolest waves, and you’ll be a big hit to your whole family!

2. Kayaking


Whether for recreation or touring, kayaking is great for the family. You can all do it over calm and scenic spots, or across moving and gushing waters. However, this entails rowing with great prowess and exerting efforts even when just sitting on the narrow boat, since the kayak is typically propelled manually by a double-bladed paddle. You will want to find tranquil areas or part of the ocean with minimal current, unless you are all highly experienced and raving for a big challenge. The appropriate boats are also necessary for the situation, and it’s a good idea to start on protected bays, small lakes, and slow rivers to allow room for development of your child’s skills.

3. Swimming and Snorkeling

Swimming and Snorkeling
Swimming and Snorkeling

Swimming, one of the most popular in the Olympics, remains the best group activity families enjoy whether in pools or open water. Just thinking of going to the beach gives you an image of paradise! Breathtaking view, crystalline waters, white sands, sparkling shores, attractive swimsuits, shopping and dining, and a perfect island getaway. Mom and Dad gets to have a seaside date while teens can practice their swimming skills, and kids busily build towering sandcastles. Even babies get to have fun and can stay in the pool longer when wearing a baby wetsuit. Did you know they are born with the natural ability to swim? Well, baby had a good number of months swimming around in mommy’s tummy! While the two previous water sports- surfing and kayaking, are done on the water, you can choose to go snorkeling and take a plunge, then dive deeper into the blue seas. Take your entire family to a splendid vacation with undersea adventures and close encounters with diverse marine life. Witness aquatic animals, corals and reefs, and all other fascinating sea creatures your kids have probably only seen on tv or in story books!

4. Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand Up Paddle Boarding
Stand Up Paddle Boarding

A more relaxed water sport would be paddle boarding, which is kayaking and surfing in one! This involves paddling across the seas, venturing into places unimaginable, and one can even intriguingly do yoga on water. No doubt paddle boards invaded all major US beaches and is increasingly becoming more popular! Kids love exploring, trying and testing new things they can do which is a wish granted once they get on a paddle board. They can have fun and sit, kneel, lie on their tummy, stand, as they paddle where the family goes. You also all get to have a good workout through SUP while enjoying the marvelous view.

Just make sure you have the key pieces of gear for your child such as a high quality paddle board for safety’s sake. Get him or her the most suitable paddle and comfortable wetsuit, and it’s highly recommended that kids wear good swim goggles while riding their paddle boards. This gives utmost protection to your child’s eyes from constant salty water getting in, and from elements that may be harmful even to your own eyes.

Your child will surely love it, because when paddle boarding, you can freely hop off and go swimming or snorkeling as a cool way to take a break from paddling. Good swim goggles will give them an awesome, crisp underwater vision along with the opportunity of endless discoveries to satisfy their curiosity. Walk on the ocean together with your family and experience a miracle with the wonders of nature right at your feet!

Things You Absolutely Must Know Before Buying Weapon

gun rights

Uncle Sam Want's You To Own A GunMost people tend to worry when buying their gun if they are new users. Even those who own guns have questions regarding how to buy one especially if they want a used one from someone who sells used pistols. Question ranges what gun holds it value to the best? What is the good price for a certain pistol? And many more just to mention. Handguns differ in quality as well as other factors. Finding one that is interesting and fun to use should be the initial step in the process. Therefore while purchasing one weigh its usage and the reason behind purchasing it. There are so many best defense guns available in the market today.

Below are other considerations that you should be aware of before buying a gun.


Make sure you know about gun safety before you even decide to walk into a store and check one. Once you have got the knowledge about this, treat every pistol or a gun as if it were loaded, always make sure you point to a safe direction and keep off trigger fingers, not unless you are about to shoot.

Think about the rest of personal safety first

You should know that a gun or a pistol is not a magic talisman. Owning a pistol won’t guarantee your personal security at all. And if you decide to use in a case that calls for its use, killing or injuring another human being is something that is going to mess your life. Emotionally, legally and financially, if you are going to use force to defend yourself and come out safe in any scenario you shoot someone. Therefore, you should look into other areas of your life before you make your final decision of buying a gun. Buying a pistol for defense while ignoring other risks it can case in your personal security endeavor is not advisable. First, ensure that you can guarantee it without having one.

Be honest with yourself about how you will be suing the gun

First, try to figure out why you are in the market searching for a pistol and ensure honesty with the response you give yourself. The right gun for use at home is different from other guns or pistols used for different purposes. More so the right gun to carry for Miami summer is wrong for carrying in Minneapolis winter. Ensure you have the right reason in your mind as to why you want to buy a gun. This will make you to choose the right pistol you want if you must have it.

Learn the laws of the region you are living in

gun rights

Every state, county, country and city has governing laws on the weapons that someone should move around with. You find that interaction or bleaching a law over carrying a weapon in some states is very tricky, you can find yourself sentenced. Learn those laws from where you stay, work and most frequently travel. When you get the right information about how they control such weapons, you are good to go and get one.

Get enough training

If you have never really used a gun, it worth to get training with an instructor before you can buy a pistol. A good instructor course program while training will cover safety measures, basics of shooting, maintenance, cleaning, basic laws of the area as well as mechanic of a gun. Many states allow people to train on how to use a gun if they have acquired a carry permit. It is good to train first before you go out and start shopping without enough knowledge of operating a gun.

Find an NRA Training Course near you ->

How are you going to store it?

Finally, make sure you ask yourself this question as pistols and guns are weapons that cause unwanted situations in a home setting. You can pick a fight with a member of the family be it your spouse or anyone else, take the gun and shoot the other. Make sure you include a safe place where you will be putting your gun while shopping.

Here’s the list of 9MMs available in the market today:

  • AMT backup 9mm
  • Beretta BU9 Nano
  • Bersa concealed carry BP9
  • Diamondback DB9
  • Hi point C9 compact
  • Kahr CM9
  • Kahr CW9
  • Kel-Tec PF-9
  • Remington R51
  • Ruger LC9
  • Sig arms P290Springfiedl XDS 3.3 9mm
  • Taurus PT709 slim